• caplon VoIP Monitoring

    Überblick und Transparenz in VoIP-Netzen

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  • Tracing & Monitoring

    Made in Germany



  • We develop

    secure software

    for technical systems.



  • Available immediately:

    new caplon modules

    caplon© network recorder and caplon© automation



Bild:caplon tracing

caplon tracing

The professional tool for loss-free and complete recording of network data. Available as a hardware and virtual appliance.


Bild:caplon voip monitoring

caplon voip monitoring

Monitoring quality, availability and performance of VoIP systems


Bild:caplon service monitoring

caplon service monitoring

Performance and quality analysis of all your data services and applications - custom fit with minimal integration effort


Bild:caplon automation

caplon automation

The caplon©-systems remote control for automated network data collection


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  • Tracing, Monitoring, Software for Technical Systems
    Made in Germany

    consistec is an owner-operated medium-sized company with many years of experience in the ITC industry.

    consistec focuses on the following activities:

    • Tracing & Monitoring
    • Secure software for technical systems


    For our customers throughout Europe our IT specialists and engineers provide complete solutions from a single source.


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30. June 2015

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